Sunday, December 8, 2013

This cool new show

I was cruising the web when I came across this web series, "The Misadventures of an Awkward Black Girl." It is wrong in so many ways so of course I love it. The writer/ main character is a young black woman who is nothing like what we see portrayed in everyday media. She a regular girl, who cuts off all her hair, gets dumped, works in a dead end job, uses profanity loosely, and has weird encounters with people who seem overly ridiculous but are probably the most real interpretation of everyday people.

Pharell Williams became a huge fan and it was recently picked up by HBO - so there's no season 3 on youtube :-( I attached a link. Take a peek:


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Santa Baby

Blair stood by Rabbit in line as they waited their turn to see Santa. Baby was in Rabbit's arms trying to wiggle his way down to see ahead. Blair was uncomfortable. This was their first time together as a "family" since their tense separation 6 months prior. They were great at spending time with baby separate from one another. This was new for them. So Blair contended to be grateful for time together that wasn't spent arguing. Rabbit looked at her, where's the price list," he asked. She turned towards him a little startled as his voice broke her concentration. "Ummm, I gave it to the baby," she looked around to see if he had dropped it on the floor. "Oh there it is," she bent to pick it up and handed it to him. That was the depth of their conversation.

Blair's thoughts were moving faster than life. She wondered if this was step one and a chance for them to fix what had broken their family in the first place. Her phone rang but she refused to answer in fear that it might spark unwarranted distress. In the past he had gone through her phone and accused her of having inappropriate friendships. She should have remembered to turn the ringer off. Up until now she was ok with being a single mom and made a point to make sure she managed her single life and life as a mom with grace. The few dates she went on just left her missing Rabbit. She hoped he still loved her even though she knew he was no good for her.

Before she knew it, it was their time to sit with Santa. He was as merry as the stories made him. His pale skin blended almost perfectly with his white hair and beard. He smiled at them and offered Blair and baby a seat on his lap. Rabbit stood behind them as they smiled for a picture that wasn't a true portrait of their family life.

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Friday, December 6, 2013

There's just me and this novel endeavor.

I started writing in middle school - A.B. Davis Middle School in Mount Vernon, NY. I remember, very specifically, writing in a composition notebook at the kitchen table with a boom box nearby. I was listening to some of my favorite music from that time and writing stories about my friends and our daily lives. It would be wonderful to have that notebook. To be able to read a short story written by my 13-year-old self. To know all of the "troubles" and "victories" of that time would be awesome. I started keeping a diary in the sixth grade (of which I do still have) but the stories in that composition notebook were more animated, with characters based on the personalities of friends. These characters had fantastical names, they dressed better than us and grew up in different neighborhoods; neighborhoods I could only imagine because I had never been to or lived in them before. That notebook is lost forever as are those stories and that little girl.

The passion to write remained and I dabbled without focus, direction or instruction for many years to follow. Since that time I have been published and while thankful, I can't say they have been the types of opportunities I really wanted. They were stepping stone that haven't quite moved me along to higher heights. There were magazines and websites but there were no novels, no hardcover masterpieces had I been able to cough up, much to my chagrin.

This year I am working diligently to overcome the imaginary obstacles that have stunted my growth. I am putting myself out there and writing this story - about Blair Sloane - her conquests and those who have pulled her under current. Blair is almost me. Mostly because I have spent so much time with her, put so much thought and energy into this character who so many have come to love without ever having known more than a name.

As I begin the work, I hope to count on your support , feedback and well wishes in completing this long traveled dream of a little girl at her table with her boom box. With each chapter we liven her eternal hopeful spirit.

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Monday, November 25, 2013

You can't make your heart feel - something that it won't.

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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Getting Back to Basics

I am growing everyday - I must confess. The past year has been a crazy journey of love, loss and growth. The losses have been big losses that I am still recovering from - daily. This past year I've shed good friends, a husband-tial candidate and a little hope but I've gained so much in return. The love around me helps me to press on. I have a beautiful, smart, strong baby boy, a new foundation and growing faith. To push on to reach more of the goals I have set forth for the remainder of the year, and the first six month of 2014, I began a few great self-prescribed programs of growth. Here are some of the things on my daily "do it" list that keep me on track:

1. Nightly yoga
2. Daily affirmations
3. Positive music and words in
4. Writing - taking writing classes and competing in writing competitions
5. Praying, reading and meditating.
6. Spending quality time with my precious baby boy
7. Being attentive to what is good for my health and body

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Monday, September 23, 2013

I know how to be perfect but that's not what I'm here to do - smh I LOVE KANYE PERIOD

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New music by KELIS (my fave) BEEN GIVEN A MORNING

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